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The Service Quality team are experts in what we do. Whether we are working with you to implement, extend, or improve on an existing Cherwell or Ivanti implementation, or assisting you with your Cyber Security posture, we can provide our award-winning execution approach to your business needs

Ivanti Software Solutions

Award-winning Professional Services Team

Our award-winning security and service management practices define, design, deploy and integrate Ivanti solutions into your enterprise. Our team has extensive knowledge using the Ivanti suite of solutions and have successfully delivered over 500+ projects, which is why we are the preferred Australian implementation partner. In addition, the Service Quality team are experts in what we do, profoundly understanding people, processes, and technology. So whether we are working with you to extend and improve on an existing implementation or deliver an entirely new solution, we can provide our award-winning execution approach to your business needs.

Service Quality's multi-faceted project team brings valuable industry experience and in-depth product knowledge to every project. By partnering with Service Quality, our clients enjoy the benefits of Ivanti's unparalleled solutions and Service Quality's years of experience and unique perspective.

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The Service Quality team are experts in what we do – so whether we’re working with you to extend and improve on and existing implementation.

Our Approach

We partner with you.

Our delivery model ensures that your interaction with us is clear, concise, and effective. As a valued customer, we guide you every step of the way through implementation into support and beyond. We work using PRINCE2 & AGILE methodologies depending on the needs of the client.

We understand all organisations are different – with different budgets, business objectives, deadlines and resources constraints. Our many years of experience deploying successful Service Management implementation have proven that a phased approach with specific validation checkpoints is the best formula for success. These phases are tailored to meet your needs and requirements.


Project Management Methodologies

Our key focus for all Implementations is to empower our customers with as much knowledge as possible to ensure on-going success and maturity moving forward. Knowledge transfer and ongoing training are just a few of the ways we achieve this. Experience in working with a variety of project management methodologies grants Service Quality the flexibility and diligence to execute any implementation with success. 

The methodologies can be unified in certain projects where there required, combining structure with flexibility. Service Quality will work with your business to define the best approach to execution based on the business needs. A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you to assist and oversee all activities from initial engagement through to completion and sign-off. 


PRINCE2 illustrates the importance of processes in execution. It is best described as a linear methodology, going through the steps sequentially and ensuring rigorous adherence to structure, process and handover.


AGILE and it’s many variants excel in adaptability, and where problem definitions may be more nebulous. The viability of this execution approach can be demonstrated by its approach to changes of direction during the project, whether it is user or customer requirements.