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Service Quality is an innovative industry leader and supplier of choice to businesses across the APAC region, delivering “best in class” service management solutions and customer service. Service Quality provides Business Process Design, Consultancy and Support for Cherwell Software.  Service Quality prides itself on helping our customers build their platform for success through cost-effective service and leading-edge service management and IT solutions. Service Quality has a local focus with a global infrastructure behind us.

Our mission

Service Quality’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality solution and to do it while being personable, valuable, reliable and detailed. At Service Quality, we respect intelligent discussion and passionate debate, the onus is on each of us to constantly challenge ideas, assumptions, theories, strategies or processes, to honour our commitment of collectively pushing both our organisations forward. Our solutions are given the highest level of management and support with the utmost quality and consistency, providing clients with a world class experience.

Our Story

Born in 2007, Service Quality was founded on a simple, but powerful idea: to empower you to do more with the Cherwell Service Management Platform. With cutting-edge support and an award-winning professional services team, you can be sure that Service Quality will help maximize your investment with Cherwell Service Management platform.  

As one of the first Cherwell partners in the world, Service Quality has built a proven track record of delivering ground-breaking Enterprise Service Management solutions that have helped various organisations solve an array of complex business problems. Our customers and solutions go across every industry including: Local, State and Commonwealth Government, Health Services, Higher Education, Financial Services, NPO, Utilities, Manufacturing, FMCG and many more.  

Today, hundreds of thousands of users rely daily on Cherwell Service Management solutions designed and implemented by Service Quality to make their work flow.

Taking pride in our expertise, we proudly boast one of the largest Cherwell Professional Service team’s on the globe, which is made up of some of the brightest and most fanatical IT professionals in the industry with over 300+ years’ worth of experience amongst them.

Project Management Methodologies

Our key focus for all Implementations is to empower our customers with as much knowledge as possible to ensure on-going success and maturity moving forward. Knowledge transfer and ongoing training are just a few of the ways we achieve this. Experience in working with a variety of project management methodologies grants Service Quality the flexibility and diligence to execute any implementation with success.


PRINCE2 illustrates the importance of processes in execution. It is best described as a linear methodology, going through the steps sequentially and ensuring rigorous adherence to structure, process and handover.


AGILE and it’s many variants excel in adaptability, and where problem definitions may be more nebulous. The viability of this execution approach can be demonstrated by its approach to changes of direction during the project, whether it is user or customer requirements.