Ivanti & Cherwell FAQs

Navigating the future following the Ivanti and Cherwell Acquisition. Your Guide to Understanding the Acquisition and Embarking on a Smooth Upgrade Path.

When is Cherwell going to be end of life?

Ivanti has made fantastic progress in enhancing the Neurons for ITSM platform with capabilities we've grown to love and know from Cherwell Service Management. Now that Ivanti has built a leading product to deliver on today's critical customer use cases, Ivanti will focus future innovation and development resources on Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. As such, Ivanti has decided to announce end-of-life Cherwell Service Management effective December 31, 2026, providing Service Quality customers ample time to prepare for the transition to Neurons for ITSM. For more information on what this means for your organisation, don't hesitate to contact your nominated Service Quality Customer Success Manager.

Why is Cherwell Service Management at end-of-life?

Cherwell Service Management (CSM) has been helping organisations of every variety streamline and automate service management workflows for nearly two decades. CSM broke new ground for IT teams looking to implement, manage, and extend their service management environment with such innovations as codeless configuration and development and one-step automations. Since the acquisition of Cherwell, Ivanti has pursued a strategy of converging CSM’s most critical differentiating capabilities into the common Ivanti Neurons for ITSM platform. With the convergence development completed and former Cherwell customers now migrating to the Ivanti ITSM platform, end-of-life for CSM frees resources for ongoing innovation and development on the common platform.

Is Ivanti Neurons for ITSM new solution? Is it proven?

There is a common misconception that Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is a net new tool, but it's not. Formerly known as 'Ivanti Service Manager', Ivanti Neurons for ITSM has been trusted by thousands of organisations over the past decade, including several Fortune 100 companies. Ivanti Software LLC decided to use Ivanti Neurons for ITSM as the base to move Cherwell functionality primarily based on Ivanti's web-based architecture.

What Ivanti Neurons skills does Service Quality have?

Not only has Service Quality hired additional resources with pre-existing Ivanti Neurons skills, but they have also had the entirety of the Professional Services and Product Support teams’ complete administration training. As a result, all Service Quality resources have the required skills and certifications to work on the Ivanti Neurons solution.

Can I migrate my Cherwell data to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM?

Yes. There are several means by which customers can migrate their existing data from Cherwell to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. However, Service Quality has found that most customers have opted to take a fresh approach and migrate limited data (i.e., Asset information). Please talk to your nominated Customer Success Manager for information.

How do the features in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM compare against Cherwell?

Over the past 24 months, Ivanti has migrated many patented features from Cherwell Service Management to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. As a result, many of the features we grew to love in Cherwell now exist in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. In addition, Ivanti already had several advantages over Cherwell, including a 100% browser-based experience, dynamic form builder, enhanced search, and many more.

Will I have to pay more for licenses?

Ivanti Software LCC wants as many Cherwell customers as possible to upgrade to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. As a result, they are treating each instance differently with a great deal of flexibility. To date, no existing Service Quality customers have had to pay more for their licenses when upgrading.

Will I need to purchase professional services?

This is dependent on your requirements. However, in most instances, customers have purchased a small number of professional services as they have looked to enhance their capability in line with the upgrade. On the converse, some customers have opted to start from a zero baseline, meaning they go live with OOTB functionality with minimal configuration.

Can we use Cherwell and Ivanti Neurons for ITSM simultaneously as we upgrade?

Yes. Customers may use both systems for a set period (i.e., six months) while transitioning to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. Please talk to your nominated Customer Success Manager should you require more time.

What are our options around training?

Ivanti provides hundreds of training modules through Advantage Learning. Advantage Learning is a subscription-based online learning hub that allows users to master Ivanti Products at their own pace.

Is there still a Cherwell roadmap?

Yes. Cherwell Service Management still has a roadmap. However, most of Ivanti's research and development is going into the next generation of Ivanti Neurons for the ITSM platform.

How do I access my old Cherwell Data if I have subscription licenses?

You will have access to your data if your existing Cherwell instance is supported. However, when the upgrade grace period is over, you will have thirty (30) days to request your data, which will be provided in a standard database export format. Please note from this point onward, you are to maintain this data. This data can be accessed using Power BI or other means.

How easy is the transition across from Cherwell Service Management to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM?

Firstly, like any system change, this depends on your environment's complexity. However, in saying that, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, much like Cherwell, is an ITIL-certified tool, meaning the underlying business processes and associated data inputs are the same. As a result, users don't have to relearn new business processes or what's required from a data collection perspective. Lastly, a lesser-known fact is that Ivanti (HEAT/FrontRange) and Cherwell were created by the same people (Vance Brown, Arlen Feldman), so there are many similarities.

What Ivanti solutions are replacing Cherwell Service Management?

Ivanti’s go-forward solution is Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, which incorporates the best of CSM’s workflow and development capabilities in a modern solution fully integrated into the broader Ivanti ecosystem. Please get in touch with your Service Quality Customer Success Manager for more information.

What if I want to purchase additional licenses?

Volume purchases can be made at any stage provided the subscription or maintenance period doesn’t extend beyond December 31, 2026.

If I am an on-premises customer with a perpetual license, will I still be able to use Cherwell Service Management after the End-of-Life date?

Yes, the product will continue to run but Ivanti will no longer provide support after the end-of-life date.

If I am a cloud customer what will happen to my tenant at End-Of-Life?

Your tenant will be discontinued and will no longer be accessible 30 days following the end-of-life date.

We are currently on-premises with CSM and would like to move to the cloud. Is this something we can do as part of our migration to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM?

Yes. Please get in touch with your Service Quality Customer Success Manager for more information.