May 16, 2022

Not What, But How - The Ivanti Neurons Difference

Most of us know "WHAT" the majority of tools on the market are capable of offering. They are aligned with ITIL, are branching out to other service areas such as HR, have offerings in the ITOM space, are investing in AI & machine learning with varying success, have a SaaS offering, and many more.


However, the focus should be "HOW" they do it. When looking at "HOW" Ivanti delivers Service Management capability, organisations will quickly realise it's unrivalled.


Ivanti Neurons for ITSM completely changes the paradigm of Service Management tooling, providing organisations with next-generation technology at a lower cost to market without the exorbitant price tag.


Please see how Ivanti delivers Service Management functionality differently from other solutions below.

The How #1 - Unleash the Citizen Developer - A Codeless Platform

Gartner says that as many as 75% of large enterprises will be using four or more low-code toolsets by 2024. There is a compelling argument to look at the low/no-code approach with budgets under extreme pressure.


Given this, every ITSM vendor seems to be marketing their solution as either 'no code' or 'low code' given the buzzword popularity, but are they codeless? In most cases, only small portions of the solutions are codeless, such as the form designer. 


Ivanti Neurons for IT Service Management is a true no-code platform. This codeless design architecture means organisations can build new functionality without modifying a single line of code, integrate easily with third-party applications, and upgrade without fear of breaking any configurations.


This codeless architecture means organisation don't need to hire dedicated developers with specific skillsets to upkeep or build upon the solution; or rely on the integrator. Ivanti Neurons allow greater ease of use, unmatched accessibility for professional and citizen developers alike, automation of repetitive manual tasks, faster implementation and lower costs. Powered by the no-code Ivanti platform, workgroups (HR, Finance etc.) will be able to solve their business problems through application development.

The How #2 - It all starts with the End Point

Organisations tend to perceive the Self-Service portal as the 'face of IT'. However, in our opinion, the 'face of IT' is the client machine customers use every day as part of their general workflow. A study conducted by Robert Half Technology found that, on average, workers spend about 22 minutes a day dealing with IT issues. That adds up to an eye-opening 91 hours annually or two weeks of downtime foreach employee in your organisation. Ivanti Neurons tackles this issue like no other vendor in the marketplace by significantly reducing user issues through self-healing AI bots.


Ivanti Neurons takes proactive service management to the next level, deploying these bots with automatic detection, diagnosing, healing and ticket classification of endpoint and security issues. The automation of routine tasks paves the way to creating a true self-healing environment, reducing time and costs while improving the employee experience.

The How #3 - Unrivalled Automation Engine

Most Australian organisations run with a relatively lean headcount in the technology space, with staff often assuming a wide breadth and depth of responsibility. Asa result, time is hard to come by, which becomes more of an issue your organisation has manual processes and practices.


Automating these manual processes allows staff to perform tasks faster and more efficiently. However, to be effective, automation must be comprehensive and integrated but, more importantly, easy to design and deploy. 


Ivanti's drag-and-drop interface and workflow builder enable service owners and business managers to adapt, design, and control their workflows and processes with a low cost of ownership. In addition, pre-defined integration workflow blocks seamlessly integrate into external systems and data sources, so technicians and users have access to the critical information they need precisely when they need it. 


And guess what? Your existing workflows are automated without touching a single line of code.

The How #4 - A license model that makes sense

Complex software license models are a cliche, especially in the ITSM space. However, Ivanti Neurons for Service Management offers an easy to understand model with an all-inclusive ITSM license. Organisations can enjoy 11 ITIL processes and ITAM and leverage additional modules (HR, Facilities, Security Operations and more from the Ivanti Marketplace. In addition, 3rd party integrations, reports, approvals, and more are all done license-free.


Organisations can consume the technology through named licenses, concurrent licenses, or both, providing greater flexibility.

The How #5: Consume, not wrangle! A mature solution that works.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is one of only a few solutions that carry a PinkVERIFY ITIL certification meeting 100% of the PinkVERIFY ITIL 4 general, core, and integration suitability requirements. Unfortunately, many of the newer vendors on the block aren't ITIL certified but rather 'ITIL aligned'. 


These more recent solutions derive from other applications, such as bug tracking software and CRM solutions, and lack maturity around many ITIL processes, such as Change Management and Configuration Management. In addition, these tools have been 'bent' to include additional ticket types for each ITIL process in their development. As a result, many underpinning sub-processes have been overlooked, leading organisations to heavily customise these solutions to gain even simple maturity levels.


Although we acknowledge that in 2022 ITIL is not everything to everyone; however, having an ITIL certified solution provides your organisation with maturity baked into the OOTB solution. There is no reason to customise the solution; organisations can consume the best practice ITIL process from day one.


If you're sick of gaining little value from your incumbent solution, reach out to Service Quality today. 

About Service Quality:

Founded in 2007, Service Quality survives on a simple but powerful idea: empower you to do more with your Service Management and Security solutions. With cutting-edge support and award-winning security and service management practices, you can be sure that Service Quality will help maximise your Service Management investment. Today, hundreds of thousands of users rely daily on Service Management and Security solutions designed and implemented by Service Quality to make their work flow.

Written By: Angus Kenny - Director, Enterprise Solutions