Feb 6, 2024

Interested in Generative AI? The First Step is a Solid Foundation

At Service Quality, generative AI has allowed our consultants to analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, enabling predictive analytics, which has been a game changer when building solutions for our customers. 


For example, by identifying patterns and trends through AI, our consultancy team has designed solutions that predict potential issues before they escalate, recommendations of new service request offerings based on keywords, and more. This proactive approach allows Service Quality to deliver solutions to our customers that address problems swiftly, minimising downtime and improving service reliability.


But, and yes, there is a but, most organisations do not have a solid foundation to leverage the GenerativeAI given poor foundations.

What Constitutes a 'Solid Foundation'?

A solid foundation in technology is best defined through the following adage: people, process, and technology. Organisations will only deliver results with a harmonious combination, providing a solid foundation for businesses to build upon, including investing in next-generation technology such as artificial intelligence.

How to Achieve a Solid Foundation

Firstly, organisations must be conscious of their existing workforce, including staff numbers relative to their Service Management ambitions, individual skills, and more. Additionally, they must offer opportunities for continuous learning to ensure staff understand and can implement best practices and appropriately administer tooling, such as generative AI.


From a process perspective, we see too many organisations with a dated Service Taxonomy. As a result, organisations aren't appropriately classifying tickets, provide inconsistent communication to end users, don't follow SLAs, and more. However, the greatest pitfall is that this leads to inaccurate data, which artificial intelligence (AI) relies on.


A well-defined taxonomy helps in clearly categorising and organising IT services. This clarity ensures that everyone involved in the process, from IT professionals to end-users, understands the services and their respective functionalities. A robust Service Taxonomy in ITSM/ESM also ensures that services align with business objectives. It forms the foundation for various ITSM processes and contributes to overall organisational efficiency and effectiveness.


With a solid grasp of the people and process layers, organisations can begin investigating next-generation technology, such as self-healing, generative AI, and automation in Ivanti Neurons.


In summary, for several reasons, having a solid foundation (i.e., people, process, and technology) before investing in generative AI is crucial. If your organisation is looking into the use of artificial intelligence in Service Management, please reach out to discuss how we can help.

About Service Quality:

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Written By: Angus Kenny - Director, Enterprise Solutions